Forex Rebates & Cashback

Want a guaranteed way to maximise your earnings and minimise your losses on every trade? No it’s not a new charting technique or insider info, it’s called Forex Rebates. This is where you earn cashback on every trade you make, yes EVERY trade! It’s an absolute no-brainer for anyone who trades regularly.

Top 2017 Forex Rebates & Cashback Offers

To get you started we have listed the top forex rebate offers for Aussie

Vantage FX Australia Forex Rebate

Best Forex Rebate Offer - AU$2.00 per lot. Minimum deposit of AU $1,000 required

bullet2AISC Regulated & Head Quarters in Australia

bullet2Can trade Forex via MT4, Web Trader or Mobile

bullet2EXCLUSIVE - Get FREE  INSTANT Access to the suite of MT4 Smart Trader Tools

Your Capital is at Risk

IG Australia Forex Rebate

When trading 500+ Lots a month - Rebates Range from AU$0.50 to AU$1.00 per contract

bullet2AISC regulated

Your Capital is at Risk

Forex Rebates and Cashback - Guide

Why Sign Up for A Forex Rebate

A forex rebate is a great way of maximising your trading edge by improving your profit margins.

How Do I Get a Forex Rebate or Cashback?

There are two ways to get a forex rebate, the best and easiest is directly from the forex broker themselves. The broker will calculate your cashback every month, so if you had a notional value of AU$200m traded in a month, with IG, you would be entitled to AU$7 back per million, netting you an easy AU$1,400 cash back into your account.

The second way to get a forex rebate is to sign up to an “Introducing Broker” or “IB” for short who are third party middlemen, they “refer” you to the broker. The broker then pays the IB a commission for every trade you make and the IB shares the commission with you. We feel this isn’t the best option, as there are so many scam artists on the internet who just don’t pay the trader their rebate. This is why we recommend you deal directly with the broker instead such as Vantage FX who offer excellent deals.

How Big A Rebate Can I Get?

Like the most important things in life, bigger is better (ask my wife), the bigger you trade the bigger the rebates and offers you can get from the brokers.

We have ranked our recommendations based on trade size, the rebates that give the best deals for

IG Australia, offered a tier rebate scheme. If you trade less than 500 lots per month every 30 days, you will receive no rebates. They then have a tiered rebate scheme starting at AU$0.50 per lot on trades between 500 and 2,499. Moving up to AU$0.75 for trades between 2,500 to 4,999 lots and AU$1.00 per lot for 5,000+ lots

Our top recommended rebate is from VantageFX who have a straight up AU$2.00 rebate on every lot traded. It does require a minimum deposit of AU$1,000, but if that is too rich for you blood, we'd suggest that rebates aren't for you and you should check out the Deposit Bonus and No Deposit Offers instead.

What Else Should I Know About Rebates?

Brokers don’t let you use rebates to settle margin requirements or pay them any money you owe them. So make sure you factor that into your trading and don’t end up short at the end of the month.

Second of all, brokers require a minimum trading volume in order to be eligible for a rebate, so typically means that smaller traders will not get them. If you are beginning or low volume trader we’d recommend looking at No deposit or Deposit Bonuses instead.

Our Advice: We’ve seen it happen, and don’t want it to happen to you. While we highly recommend making sure you get your rebates, don’t just trade for the sake of the rebates. Make sure you are a following your trading strategy and let the rebate take care of itself at the end of the month. We’ve all seen that guy hammering his credit card in order to get air miles and after a year of over spending has enough points to get a set of three golf balls. Don’t be that guy!

Our Recommendation

When it is all said and done, our top forex rebate programme comes from VantageFX, they offer and excellent rebate programme and here is why:

  • Low minimum trading volumes
  • AU$2.00 Lot Rebate
  • Rebate paid daily
  • Automatically credited to your account as cash
  • Aussie brokers and good blokes

Trade Within Your Limits

It's pretty simple, don't be THAT guy, stick to your limits and trade sensibly!