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Frequently Asked Questions

What We Do?

Our mission is simple, to find the best forex trading bonuses in Australia.

Why are Bonuses Important?

Bonuses are a fantastic way of giving you some extra free money to trade with. This will help you while you decide if this forex is broker is right for you.

Importance of Bonuses for Beginners

Beginners need time to learn how to trade, to practise different strategies and perfect their technique. So taking advantage of available bonuses makes perfect sense.

Importance of Bonuses for Experienced Traders

Experienced traders need to focus on the bottom line, where every edge counts. Taking advantage of the more advanced bonuses and rebates on the market should be a key part of your trading strategy.

What Experience Do You Have? We are a two person team, Jack is the Forex trading guru with 20+ years experience and Noah is the technical wizard who has a passion for learning forex trading.

How do you make money?  If you click one of the links on the website to take advantage of a bonus or promotion, the majority (but not all) of the companies will pay us a fee. The fee has no influence on our reviews and means we have to make sure to get you the best possible offers.

Is This Website Free?
You DO NOT have to pay us any money for the reviews and advice we provide. We believe everyone should be given a fair go!

Got a Question?

Contacting us is simple, just email at hello@forexbonus.com.au

We would love to hear from you and feel free to ask any question or give us any feedback on the website: what do you think of the site, can we make it better, share a bonus tip, have a problem with a broker or a good experience?